Product of Singapore

Helps in Cost Saving & Protects Your Machines
Improves Fuel Efficiency
Reduces Emission by Up to 70%



HOCENLUB Co., Ltd is a Singapore manufacturing company, which have research & formulates the HOCENLUB Metal Treatment Technology. Our range of products are based on the latest scientific discovery in strengthens metal parts in machinery.

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HOCENLUB Brand is a Product of Singapore
USD 1 Million Product Liability Insurance covered
Fuel Efficiency Benefits to Automotive Users
Protect the Machine to the extend of engine oil leakage as well as water contamination during flood
Reduction of Emission by up to 70%, contributes less air pollution to the environment


HOCENLUB Metal Treatment Products are produced from specially formulated, high-quality Based Oil and enhanced with latest American Metal Treatment Technology (MTT) in Molecular formula. The products have been tested and proven to improve fuel and oil economy, reduce engine noise and vibration, lower operation and maintenance costs, extend the life span of engines and equipment in all applications and reduce emissions.

MTT is the ultimate lubricants enhancer that penetrates all metal surfaces with an ionized mirco-layer of oil molecules and through metallurgical process form a durable polished-like micro-layer of hard metal that drastically resists wear, extreme pressure and excessive temperature.

HOCENLUB TECH treats all friction points so as to minimize friction, thereby reducing operating temperature and vibration, wear and tear. This will result in the efficient running of all machinery, equipment and vehicles.



HOCENLUB Technology and its products are neither chemical nor hazardous. It has no harmful chemicals and negative effects. Like all lubricants the basic ingredients are hydro-carbon. We do not foresee any problem exporting the technology or products to any country.

HOCENLUB is a registered trade mark, the Brand is therefore protected. HOCENLUB Co., Ltd is holding the formulation and is also the manufacturer of the products.